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Featured Project


In 2010, we began working with artist Douglas Gayeton. His images in ‘Slow: Life in a Tuscan Town’  and his epic project ‘the lexicon of sustainability’  made a big impact on us and, when we learned that Douglas lived in Sonoma County, it made sense to ask him to visit the winery and think of subjects he could shoot at Medlock Ames. What we decided upon was a series of seasonal images – 4 in total – that help tell the story of a year at the ranch.  Explore the full size images at our tasting room, or look at larger digital versions (6MB) here or at the following pages:
1. HARVESTING THE SUN - how we help turn sunlight into grapes
2. THE FIVE SENSES - making the decision of when to pick
3. FARMLIFE AND WILDLIFE - the balance we seek in our farming
4. SEEING THE FUTURE - the craft of aging and blending wine
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