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Olive Oil

Olive Oil

On our Bell Mountain Estate ranch we have seven acres dedicated to eight different Spanish and Italian olive varieties with Mission and Manzanillo most predominant. At our Tasting Room, the olive trees are all 30-year old Ascolanos. The mix of varieties results in a complex blend we love with a distinctive peppery bite. Perfect for dipping into with fresh baguette.


At our Bell Mountain Ranch we have more than 700 olive trees that represent about eight different Spanish and Italian varieties. Mission and manzanillo are the most predominantly planted, along with others including sevillano, ascolano, pendolino, frantoio, leccino, and arbequina. Each year, in November, we harvest our olives. For oil, the olives are ideally harvested when they have reached the “red ripe” phase in between green and black. Our Estate Olive Oil is peppery, herbal, and fresh. Our entire staff helps harvest the olives by hand. It is a labor-intensive process, but fun, and the result is always delicious! You'll enjoy this as a finishing oil, in sauces and dressings or any recipe where a quality olive oil enhances your finished dish. In addition to the wonderful Olive Oil, we cure a small portion of the olives marinating them with fresh herbs and citrus from the garden. Depending on your visit timing, we may have them available for tasting.

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