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Visitor Experience

Our award winning wine tasting experience offers a range of activities to guests. From a relaxed tasting at our beautiful Tasting Room in the heart of the Alexander Valley to a private tour and tasting at the exclusive Bell Mountain Ranch where you can learn more about how we farm, tour vineyards and gardens, visit the cellar and taste wines in an idyllic setting. There's even our Alexander Valley Bar where you can unwind after a day touring wine country or enjoy a cocktail before dinner. Learn about your tasting choices here or make a reservation online or by calling 707.431.8845.  We're looking forward to your visit.


Bell Mountain Ranch in the early morning.The first growth of Cabernet Sauvignon in Spring.Sheep mowing the rows between vines - a sustainable solution to vegetation management.A vineyard conversation at Bell Mountain Ranch.Barrel Tasting at a Wine Club event.Dinner in the Vineyard - our annual celebration with friends.Sauvignon Blanc grapes fall gently off the line, ready for fermentation.Sheep braving the cool early morning to do their job - grazing gently on steep hillside vine rows.Quick and careful hands sort Cabernet Sauvignon berries during Harvest - we select only those that you'd want to eat and leave out the rest.The Tasting Room Gardens are a beautiful place to relax and soak up the Alexander Valley atmosphere.Wood fired creations are seasonal, local and often home-grown, reflecting the best of Sonoma County and our property.Red wine during fermentation.The Tasting Room Gardens are child friendly - with berries and flavors waiting to be enjoyed.Olives at Harvest.Sheep dog working his sheep in the winter.Seasonal ingredients - homegrown and organic - bake quickly in a wood burning oven.Organic edibles from the garden.Wood Fired Feast - a dinner celebration at the tasting room.Lovingly preserved edibles from the garden - a perfect taste of each season to pair with wine.Enjoying a game of petanque in the Tasting Room landscape.
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