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Bell Mountain

Bell Mountain is a special vineyard. It took us two years of searching to find this hidden parcel located at the southwestern tip of Alexander Valley which overlaps into the Russian River Valley. Bell Mountain Ranch is tucked away on Chalk Hill Road and covers 338 acres of which only 55 are planted to vines. A handful of acres are home to our 800 olive trees, our orchard, and our market garden for seasonal vegetables and flowers. We chose to leave the majority of land in a natural state - reserving it for oaks and wildflowers.

Preservation of the land is at the core of our values since day one. To ensure the natural habitat is protected, we’ve built a wildlife corridor that cuts through our vineyards, shepherding the animals through our property and safely depositing them to our neighbors, the Pepperwood Reserve, a 3000 acres wildlife sanctuary.

This vineyard is unlike any other and combines steep hillsides with growing conditions similar to that of Bordeaux – perfect for Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot and Sauvignon Blanc.


The Vineyards

We believe in reviving elegance in agriculture and strive to maintain a natural balance in our vineyards.

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Organic Farming

Organic farming requires healthy, fertile soil and all of our farming practices revolve around that goal

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Protecting the natural habitat is critical to maintaining a healthy vineyard

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The grapes we grow at Bell Mountain are full of personality. We’ve loved these flavors since discovering the site in 1998 and craft wines in a way that best show these characteristics.

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Our philosophy in our winemaking is for each wine in each vintage to be the ultimate expression of our land and of the year in which they are grown.

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