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Detailed Directions

Directions to Medlock Ames Bell Mountain Ranch from the SF Bay Area

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Head North on US-101. Take the Shiloh Road exit just north of Santa Rosa.



Bear right onto Shiloh Road and go 1.3 miles until Shiloh Rd comes to a T at Faught Road. Take a left on Faught and continue for 1.2 miles to Chalk Hill Road. Turn onto Chalk Hill Road.

Follow Chalk Hill Road for 5.5 miles until you come to a steep hill with a green sign on your left that reads “Chalk Hill”. Two hundred feet beyond the crest of that hill, make a right onto Toby Lane (you will see signs for Windy Valley Ranch, Chalk Hill Ranch, and Bell Mountain – but not for Medlock Ames Winery). This is a narrow one lane road. Drive carefully.

After about a mile, you will see another set of signs for Windy Valley Ranch, Chalk Hill Ranch, Moss Oak Ranch, and Bell Mountain. Take a left into the driveway marked - 13414. You will also see a small Medlock Ames sign affixed to the right gate post. Turn left through the gate and drive up to the winery.

You will see a tour parking sign, bear right uphill and park with the other cars in front of our office, a ranch style house.

Link to Google maps